Buy Haikyuu!! Nendoroid from Philippines!
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Buy Haikyuu!! Nendoroid from Philippines!

buy haikyuu!! nendoroid from philippines!Haikyuu!!

Are you looking for a shop that can ship Haikyuu!! Nendoroid to Philippines?

If it is, check the CDJapan’s e-store! They have a great lineup of Nendoroid figures and of course support the shipment to Philippines.

Check all the Nendoroid list right now!

Nendoroid lineup of Haikyuu!!

Here’s the lineup of Haikyuu!! Nendoroid at CDJapan. They deal with all figures of Haikyuu!! Nendoroid that are now on sales.

Check the list below and find your favorite characters!

Karasuno high school

picture: product images of karasuno high school nendoroid figures

  • Hinata Shoyo (12/2020 resale)
  • Hinata Shoyo Jersy ver. (09/2018)
  • Kageyama Tobio (04/2021 resale)
  • Kageyama Tobio Jersy ver. (09/2018)
  • Sugawara Koshi (01/2021 resale)
  • Nishinoya Yu (05/2021 resale)
  • Tsukishima Kei (04/2021 resale)
  • Sawamura Daichi (10/2017)
  • Azumane Asahi (10/2018)
  • Tanaka Ryunosuke (11/2018)
  • Yamaguchi Tadashi (09/2017)

Nekoma high school

picture: product images of nekoma high school nendoroid figures

  • Kozume Kenma (05/2017 resale)
  • Kozume Kenma School uniform ver. (01/2019)
  • Kuroo Tetsuro (06/2021 resale)
  • Haiba Lev (01/2018)
  • Yaku Morisuke (01/2018)

Aoba Jousai high school

picture: product images of aoba jousai nendoroid figures

  • Oikawa Toru (05/2021 resale)
  • Oikawa Toru School uniform ver. (08/2018)
  • Iwaizumi Hazime (05/2017)

Fukurodani high school

  • Bokuto Kotaro (06/2017)
  • Bokuto Kotaro School uniform ver. (01/2019)
  • Akaashi Keiji (07/2017)

Inarizaki high school

picture: product images of inarizaki high school nendoroid figures

  • Miya Atsumu (12/2020)
  • Miya Osamu (01/2021)

Shiratorizawa high school

picture: product image of shiratorizawa high school nendoroid figure

  • Ushijima Wakatoshi (11/2017)

Face Parts Case

picture: product images of haikyuu face parts case nendoroid figures

  • Face parts case Karasuno
  • Face parts case Aoba Jousai
  • Face parts case Nekoma
  • Face parts case Fukurodani
See more pictures & check the price!

Why I recommend CDJapan?

If you are an anime lover, I highly recommend you CDJapan. Why? They are the answers!

A large variety of products

CDJapan deals with almost everything related to Japanese anime including items that are for sale in Japan only. Visit the store site and you’ll be amazed!

Shipment from Japan to the UK

Though they provide all the services in English, the company that runs CDJapan is in Japan. All the items you purchased are shipped straight from Japan to Philippines.You can choose your favorite shipping method depending on your budget!

Proper price

The price of Demon Slayer Nendoroid is the same as that of Japanese store. They don’t put any premium price.

500JPY discount

Now they offer 500JPY discount for your fist time order.Enter this coupon code on the checkout page and you’ll get 500JPY off. This is a time limited offer and get it for sure while it’s available!


Shipment to Philippines

The shipping charge is from PHP 334.88 when you purchase Nendoroid from Philippines.

You can choose your favorite shipping method among the shipping methods below. The prices for each way will be shown on the spot at Philippine Peso. Press the calculate button on each product page and you can see the list of shipping charge!

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • EMS
  • Air Mail
  • Registered Air Mail
  • Registered SAL
  • SAL Small Packet
  • SAL Parcel Post

Now, welcome cute Nendoroid dolls to your home!

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