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Hanagaki Takemichi’s Name Meaning in Japanese

tokyo revengers hanagaki takemichi name meaning in japaneseTokyo Revengers

What does the name Hanagaki Takemichi mean in Japanese? In brief, Hanagaki is a “flowering hedge” and Takemichi is a “Samurai way” or “martial art.” I’ll explain what each Kanji character stands for!

Family Name HANAGAKI

hanagaki in japanese kanji letters, the name of the character in Tokyo Revengers

HANA = flower
GAKI = hedge, fence, enclosure

When you literally translate the word HANAGAKI, it means “flower fence” or “flowering hedge” in Japanese. The family name Hanagaki really exists, but it’s very rare. Only less than 600 people have it as their family name. Many of them are from Gunma, Tokyo, and Saitama prefectures in Japan, and all of them are near Tokyo. The stage of Tokyo Revengers is Tokyo, and that makes sense.


takemichi in japanese kanji letters, the name of the character in Tokyo Revengers

TAKE = Samurai, brave, fight, war, weapon
MICHI = road, way

The TAKE Kanji character stands for something related to fighting. This Kanji symbolizes a fighting man with a weapon. In the old days, Japanese swordsmen were called BUSHI. Later, Bushi swordsmen who served and fought for their masters got to be called SAMURAI. Therefore Takemichi’s TAKE also can mean Samurai.

MICHI means “way” and “road” in Japanese and it’s a very common Kanji letter for first names. Well, to wrap it up, the name TAKEMICHI can be interpreted as “Samurai way” or “way of the warrior.”

Japanese Kanji letters have several ways of reading. As for the combination of TAKEMICHI, it can be read BUDO as well, and it’s the word that means “martial arts.” So I can say Takemichi is a very manly name. Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers is strong-willed and doesn’t hesitate to risk his life for the sake of his loved ones. I think his straight and indomitable personality perfectly fits the Kanji characters!

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