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What Does HANMA SHUJI Mean in Japanese?

tokyo revengers hanma shuji name meaning in japaneseTokyo Revengers

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. In this post, I’ll write about the meaning of HANMA SHUJI’s name in Tokyo Revengers. In short, HANMA is “half space” and SHUJI is for “learn” and “two.” Let me explain what each Kanji symbol stands for in detail!

Last Name HANMA

hanma written in japanese kanji

HAN = half, imcomplete
MA = space, between, interval

The shape of the first symbol HAN pictures “to divide something in half”, and the second one MA describes “something is sandwiched between two things.” Interestingly, both Kanji letters have a similar origin.

In Japanese dictionaries, it’s explained that HANMA is a state in which something is incomplete and halfway done. Until meeting Kisaki Tetta, Hanma Shji had felt his life was boring. This last name may imply that he needs Kisaki to become complete.

The last name HANMA exists mainly in Niigata prefecture in Japan, but it’s very rare!

First Name SHUJI

shuji written in japanese kanji

SHU = learn, master, repair
JI = two, second

The SHU symbol is one of the most popular Kanji for first names in Japan, especially for boys. It gives smart and mature impressions.

JI means the number two. It’s common for Japanese names to give the number in the order of birth. For example, Sano Shinichiro’s (Mikey’s older brother) ICHI means “one” and he’s the oldest son. When following this rule, the name SHUJI shows that he’s the second son.

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