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What’s SAKURA’s Last Name and the Meaning in Japanese?

Haruno Sakura in kanji and japaneseNARUTO/BORUTO

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. As for Sakura in NARUTO, her last name is HARUNO, meaning “spring field.” Her first name SAKURA represents “cherry blossom” and her full name sounds very spring-ish! I’ll explain what each Kanji symbol means in detail.

Last Name HARUNO

haruno written in japanese kanji characters

HARU = spring
NO = green field, wild

HARU is “spring” in Japanese. The upper part of the character stands for grasses and the bottom part pictures the sun. The whole character represents the season of new green leaves in spring.

NO is one of the most common Kanji symbols for Japanese family names. It means “grass field” and is also used to describe something wild such as “wild animal.” It reminds of us the inner Sakura!

First Name SAKURA

sakura written in japanese katakana characters

Sakura’s first name is written in Katakana characters, not in Kanji. Each Katakana letter only stands for the sound and doesn’t have a unique meaning like Kanji symbols.


Many characters’ names in NARUTO are written in Katakana letters as well!

Despite not being written in Kanji, the Japanese term SAKURA clearly means “cherry blossom.” the word SAKURA clearly means “cherry blossom” in Japanese. Also, it’s a very common and popular name for girls.

Her full name sound particularly natural and possible among the characters of NARUTO. Most of the names in NARUTO are eccentric and don’t exist in reality. But the name HARUNO SAKURA is very normal. Her parents are public people in the Konoha village, and she’s not from Ninja lineage while her friends are from the Ninja family. It seems her name itself shows that.

She grew into an outstanding female Ninja, not with the inherited power but through her own effort. In Japanese, there’s the phrase “Sakura Saku.” It’s literally translated as “cherry blossom blooms” but is often used to say “pass the test” or “achieve the goal.” I think it perfectly matches her way of life!

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