Haruno Sakura’s name meaning in Japanese
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Haruno Sakura’s name meaning in Japanese

Haruno Sakura in kanji and japaneseNARUTO/BORUTO

Kanji and meanings of Sakura’s name

Both Sakura’s family name and first name are very girly.

At the same time, her name sounds natural among the characters of NARUTO. Most of the names in NARUTO are eccentric and don’t exist in reality. But her name is very normal and it’s not unexpected that I meet a person whose name is Haruno Sakura.

What does her name mean? Let’s see it!


Haru written in kanji

HARU is spring.

The upper part of the character stands for grasses and the bottom part means the sun. The whole character represents the season of new green leaves in spring.


No written in kanji

NO means a green field. This is one of the most common kanji for Japanese family names.

The word HARUNO makes the meaning of the spring field.


Sakura written in kanji

This is not kanji but katakana. We use katakana mainly for write foreign words and names, though it’s not applicable in this case because most of first names in NARUTO & BORUTO are written in katakana.

SAKURA is cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are special flower for Japanese and the symbol of spring. They bloom for just a short time and fall beautifully. We’ve loved this fragile flower over a thousand years.

The word Sakura sounds lovely and it’s one of the most popular names for girls who were born in spring. You may meet a real Sakura chan if you come to Japan 😀

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