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BNHA Hawks name in Japanese

takami keigo written in japanese kanji lettersMy Hero Academia

Kanji and meanings of Hawks name

How to say Hawks in Japanse?

It’s TAKA. Takami Keigo’s name has it in his family name. I’ll explain what each kanji symbol stand for!

TAKA – hawk

taka written in japanese kanji

TAKA is a hawk. The shape of the symbol pictures a person who catches a hawk with his breast. Hawks had been kept as hunting partners and the symbol describes it.

MI – see

mi written n japanese kanji

MI means to see, look and watch.

The family name Takami really exists in Japan, but it’s not common. There are only 1300 people with this name, mainly in Aichi and Gifu prefecture.

KEI – lead in the right way

kei written in japanese kanji

This kanji represents teaching something and lead someone in the right way. It’s popular for boy names. The symbol pictures to pray in front of a divine altar.

GO – enlightenment

go written in japanese kanji

GO is also a popular kanji letter for boy names. It means “to achieve enlightenment” or “sense and understand something” and gives a clever impression.

Some characters have very manga-ish names that don’t exist in real life, but Hawks’ real name Takami Keigo is very common both in sound and kanji letters.

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