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Hayakawa Aki’s Name Meaning and Secret in Japanese

two sad meanings of hayakawa aki's name in chainsaw manChainsaw Man

There’re various plots in the story of Chainsaw Man. Even the names of the characters are one of them. Then what does Hayakawa Aki mean? I’ll explain what his name stands for based on the interview with Fujimoto Tatsuki, the author of Chainsaw Man.

Attention: This post includes some spoilers. If you haven’t read the last episode yet, make your decision on whether to read further or not!

Two Hidden Meanings Behind Aki’s Name

The word AKI has two meanings and origins. One is the AK-47, the name of a Russian automatic rifle. He’s taken over by the Gun Devil in the middle of the story. It was shocking but was plotted from the very beginning. Hayakawa Aki was fated to become the Gun Devil already when Chainsaw Man started.

The other meaning is “empty”. In Japanese, the word AKI can stand for empty or vacant. According to Mr. Fujimoto, Aki’s name implies that he’s an empty vessel. Aki’s memory has been erased by Makima. Aki admires Makima, but he has no reason to love her. In the conversation with the Angel Devil, he couldn’t answer why he loved Makima. That’s because he doesn’t have true himself and is manipulated by Makima’s power of the Control Devil.

What Does HAYAKAWA mean?

Then what does Aki’s family name mean? Mr. Fujimoto didn’t talk about the meaning of Aki’s family name, Hayakawa. In Japanese, the kanji letter HAYA means “early” or “quickly”, and KAWA is “river”. The family name Hayakawa exists and is relatively common in Japan.

Among Japanese Chainsaw Man fans, it’s said the name Hayakawa may come from a Japanese manga, Blade of the Immortal. Mr. Fujimoto is openly saying he’s a big fan of the title, and the main character’s family name is Hayakawa. The Hayakawa family is annihilated and one of the main characters is the only survivor. She sets off for her family’s revenge. The situation is the same as Aki’s. I think there’s a possibility that Mr. Fujimoto was inspired by her and rented her name.

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