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Hell’s Paradise Japanese name. What does JIGOKURAKU mean?

hell's paradise written in japanese kanji lettersHell's Paradise Jigokuraku

The original Japanese title of Hell’s Paradise says JIGOKURAKU.

Hey, what does Jigokuraku mean in Japanese?

There’s no Japanese word like Jigokuraku. It’s a coined word made from two words, JIGOKU and GOKURAKU!


jigoku written in japanese kanji letters, meaning hell

JIGOKU is hell. JI means “underground” and GOKU makes “prison”.


gokuraku written in japanese kanji letters, meaning heaven

GOKURAKU is heaven. We have several words that mean heaven and this is one of them.

GOKU is the symbol that stands for the highest level of something. RAKU means “to enjoy” or “easy”. So that makes GOKURAKU the happiest place to go.


I think the title GIGOKURAKU implies that hell and paradise are connected. The mysterious island that is the stage of the story is exactly like that. It’s full of beautiful flowers but full of ominous monsters and insanity at the same time.

I found it interesting the English translation was “Hell’s Paradise”. Paradise is somewhere in hell. It depends on you if you can find it or not. The translated title seems to represent it.

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