Is hell’s paradise good? Absolutely YES!
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Is hell’s paradise good? Absolutely YES!

is hell's paradise good?Manga review & Recommendation

One of the best manga I’ve read in 2021 is ABSOLUTELY Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku. It’s already completed and will be animated soon. I can’t wait for it!

Honestly, I thought this manga nothing but an ordinary ninja battle story. But it was NOT. Hell’s Paradise is a deep, deep human drama and the battle scenes are just spice to favor it.

JIGOKU = hell, GOKURAKU = heaven in Japanese. The original title JIGOKURAKU is a coined word that implies hell and heaven are connected.

What kind of genre and story?

I think Jigokuraku is categorized in ninja manga or shounen manga, but its story is too matured and touching to call it a simply ninja genre. If I choose one, I’ll select dark fantasy.

The characters are mainly divided into three groups, the criminals, the convict, and the immortal.

The criminals are ordered to get the elixir under the condition that a pardon would be granted for the one who could get it. The convict members are assigned to keep their eyes on them. They are all from the Yamada Asaemon execution school who is the expert at cutting one’s head off.

They move to a mysterious isolated island and the fierce battle over the elixir unfolds between them and the immortal.

This is the outline of the story, but I know I can’t tell you even a bit of how interesting Jigokuraku is!

What is AWESOME the most in this manga is the way of describing each character. There’s no character who is unnecessary. Everyone has their own background and the belief to fight, everyone has someone important no matter how evil they seem at first.

There’s 10 justice if there’re 10 people. We can’t judge what is good and what is bad superficially.

I can’t stop loving even a musty dirty old man after reading his episode and knowing his true personality!

I’ve never expected that Jigokuraku is such a moving manga. You shouldn’t read it if you want to enjoy exciting battles by some cool and manga-ish characters. Or just want to watch ninja techniques.

Actually, most of the main characters are not ninja. Only two of them are ninja, the hero Gabimaru, and a female ninja Yuzuriha. And some ninja enemies appear. That’s all. Not many ninja and ninja techniques show up.

But you MUST read it right now if you want to empathy each character and enjoy the story deeply. It’s no doubt that Jigokuraku is a veeeeeery emotional manga. Beautiful and seductive artwork is also worth watching!

Who is the author of Hell’s Paradise?

It’s Kaku Yuji. He was a assistant of Fujimoto Tatsuki, the author of Chainsaw Man!

How many chapters does it have?

It has 127 chapters in total and already completed!

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