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What’s the Meaning of HIMEJIMA GYOMEI in Japanese?

the meaning of himejima gyomei in japaneseDemon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. The strongest warrior in the Demon Slayer Corps, HIMEJIMA GYOMEI. His name is extraordinary. But when you see Kanji symbols in his name, you’ll notice that they imply his character and background. In this post, I’ll explain what each letter means in Japanese!

What Does HIMEJIMA Mean?

himejima written in japanese kanji letters

HI = sad, sorrow, grief
ME = cry, make sounds
JIMA = small island

The family name HIMEJIMA exists in Japan, but we usually use the Kanji combination of “princess” and “island” letters. Kanji symbols in Gyomei’s name are very uncommon for a Japanese family name.

The first two letters HI and ME can be read as HIMEI, meaning “scream” in Japanese. It seems the last name HIMEJIMA shows the deep sorrow and suffering in his mind.

What Does GYOMEI Mean?

gyomei written in japanese kanji letters

GYO = go, progress
MEI = dark, underworld, the realm of the dead

The name GYOMEI is Buddhism monk-ish. Actually, his outfit and necklace are the ones for Buddhism priests, and the place where he lived with orphans was a temple.

The religious name for a Buddhism priest is called SOMYO (priest name) and is given separately from one’s real name. It seems the name GYOMEI is a kind of that.

However, his name doesn’t sound positive since it has the MEI symbol. The MEI letter stands for a place with no light and eventually means the world of the dead or darkness. It may come from the fact that GYOMEI is blind.

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