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What does HINATA SHOYO mean? Name meaning in Japanese

Hinata Shoyo written in kanjiHaikyuu!!

Kanji and meanings of Hinata’s name

The name Hinata Shoyo gives very bright and positive impressions like his personality.

According to the fan book of Haikyuu!, Hinata was named after “the sun” and “flying”. How it’s reflected to his name? Let’s see the meaning of each kanji symbol together!


Hinata written in kanji

This is the irregular kanji reading. We usually read the first letter HI, and the second one MUKAI or MUKAU. But when these two are set together, it reads HINATA.

HINATA means the sunshine or the place in the sun. Gives very positive impression and it matches Hinata’s character!


This combination has another way of irregular reading and it’s HYUGA. The Hyuga tribe in NARUTO and BORUTO uses this kanji. Thought they use the same characters, Hyuga sounds cool and Hinata does soft and warm.


Sho written in kanji

This character stands for flying. We have several kanji letters that means to fly and each one has slightly different nuance.

This kanji means to fly high with wings and fly around in the wide open sky. The right part of the character stands for wings.

Gives positive and refreshing impressions and one of the most popular kanji character for boy names.

I think it’s a very suitable letter for Hinata who has good aerial ability.


Yo written in kanji

A kanji character that stands for the sun or the sunlight. It has positive and bright impressions and frequently used for both boy and girl names.

Hinata’s family name also means the sunshine and he has two suns in his name. The name shows his personality well!

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