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Free Printable Hiragana Writing Practice Sheets for Beautiful Handwriting!

free printable hiragana practice worksheets, make your writing beautiful!Japanese Language Learning

Do you want to know the secret to improve your hiragana handwriting instantly?

If so, I’ll share it with you here! Check these free printable hiragana writing practice sheets. They are PERFECT for improving your hiragana writing!

All you should do is to know some EASY TIPS to make your hiragana handwriting seem better and beautiful. I swear it’s not difficult at all and you don’t need to spend a huge amount of time practicing.

My worksheets include the instruction about how to write each Japanese letter beautifully, the correct stroke orders, and blank sheets for practicing.

I’m sure they’ll help your handwriting skill reach one level higher. Feel free to download them and enjoy learning!

Hiragana practice sheet for A-I-U-E-O

This worksheet includes the hiragana alphabet A, I, U, E, O. There are instructions about how to handwrite each letter better and beautifully.

Read the instruction first, and then practice what you learned! The file is made in PDF format and printable in A4 size.

I’m working on other letters and will update the post when the new sheet is ready!

How to improve your hiragana handwriting

3 Rules for beautiful letters
  • Use bent lines
  • Pay attention to unseen connections
  • Imagine the whole shape

Use elegant bent lines

One of the biggest features of hiragana letters is they consist of BENT LINES. That means if you can write bent lines well, you can make beautiful shapes.

Watch carefully which line is bent and which is straight!

Pay attention to unseen connections

Hiragana letters were originally written in one stroke. Therefore, the end of the stroke and the start of the next stroke are often connected.

Pay attention to these UNSEEN CONNECTIONS. That will make your handwriting seem more natural and beautiful.


To find the unseen connections, you must follow the correct stroke orders! If your stroke order is wrong, you can’t connect proper lines.

Imagine the whole shape

You can keep a better balance when you imagine the whole form for each letter.

The whole form?


Yes. A circle, a rectangle, or a triangle? Try to give an outline shape to each letter!

Here are some examples. These outlines help you organize the whole shapes of the letters.

I hope these tips and worksheets are helpful for you. If you have any requests or questions about Japanese language learning, please let me know via a comment or a contact form!

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free printable hiragana practice worksheets, make your writing beautiful! download worksheets now,

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  1. Sharon says:

    I am studying Japanese on my own and your free downloads are really helpful and also beautiful. Thanks a lot and keep them coming!


    • Junko says:

      Thank you, Shari! I’m so happy if the freebies are helpful. I’ll update more and please come back to check them if you like!

  2. Tal W says:

    The explanation you give on forming the hiragana letters are so much better than anywhere else. It actually looks good when I use your method! Do you have another printable form and explanation for the other hiragana characters, not just the vowels? I would love it!

    • Junko says:

      Thank you, Tal! I’m glad if the method worked well! For now, I have only this one sheet but would release the sequel for KA-KI-KU-KE-KO, SA-SHI-SU-SE-SO, and more. It may be next year, but I’m happy if you come again when you can.

      Here’s a practice sheet for katakana letters. Please check it too if you like Naruto 😊

  3. Modi says:

    hi. do you have complete hiragana and katakana ?

  4. Modi says:

    So I’m wondering if I can request an order! for complete Hiragana and Katakana if Yes! then let me know how much cost me .Thank you

    • Junko says:

      I’m so grateful for your offer, Modi! But I regret I don’t have enough time to meet your request. I’d appreciate your understanding.
      This video by a Japanese calligrapher is good to learn how to write hiragana letters beautifully. It covers all the symbols from A to N. Please check it if you’re interested. Thank you again!