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Gojo Satoru’s HOLLOW PURPLE in Japanese and meaning

hollow purple written in kanjiJujutsu Kaisen/Sorcery Fight

Hi, guys! Did you see Gojo Satoru cast Hollow Purple in Jujutsu Kaisen ep 20? It was insanely cool…

【呪術廻戦】五条悟の虚式「茈」 圧倒的な強さを見せた|呪術廻戦 第20話|Satoru Gojo's Hollow Purple|Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 20

Kanji and meanings of HOLLOW PURPLE

Hollow Purple originally says KYOSHIKI MURASAKI in Japanese. What does it mean? I’ll explain each kanji letter!


kyo written in kanji

Kyo means “imaginary”, “empty” and “hollow”. This is the kanji character that represents that something is missing and doesn’t exist.


shiki written in kanji

SHIKI is “formula” or “style”.


murasaki written in kanji

MURASAKI is purple in Japanese. This is the kanji character that stands for a plant that is used as a dye for purple color. Here’s the picture of Murasaki. It’s not purple but its root is purple.

Doronenko, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Actually, we seldom see this kanji letter. The common character for the color purple is the one below. You’ll notice that the bottom part of Jujutsu Kaisen purple and the top part of common purple are the same!

murasaki written in another kanji

The reason why the rare version is used is just because it’s cool? But the common version is cool enough.

In Jujutsu Kaisen, Hollow Purple is the secret technique only a handful of people know its existence. To use uncommon kanji may imply how rare the technique is.

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