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How to Say Sky Trooper in Japanese Word

how to say sky trooper in japaneseJapanese Language Learning

Sky trooper is called as is “sky trooper” in Japanese. It’s not translated into Japanese words and is written in Katakana letters as a Japanglish word. Here’s the spelling.

sky trooper in japanese kanakana letters

The Japanese language doesn’t have an R sound, and the pronunciation sounds like SU KA I TO LŪ PĀ.

Can’t you write it in Kanji letters?


You can if you want. There’s no Japanese word that is exactly the same as sky trooper, but I think the one for “air cavalry” or “airman” is the closest considering the meanings.

Here’s the Japanese word KŪCHŪKIHEI, meaning air cavalry.

kuchukihei, a japanese word meaning air cavalry

KŪ = air, sky
CHŪ = in the middle of
KIHEI = trooper, cavalry

This one is KŌKŪHEI, meaning an airman.

kokuhei, a japanese word meaning airman

KŌKŪ = aviation, flying, aerial
HEI = soldier

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