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How to spell Tenki in Kanji

how to spell tenki in kanji lettersJapanese Language Learning

Tenki writes this way in Kanji letters.

This short video is good to know the stroke order of Tenki.

What does each Kanji symbol stand for?

TEN = heaven, sky
KI = energy, feeling, air

The word Tenki stands for “the energy of heaven.” In ancient times, people didn’t realize why the weather changed and thought it was because of the mysterious power flowing in the sky. That’s why the Kanji letters meaning heavenly energy were given to mean the weather.


In Dragon Ball, Goku and other earth warriors use the power of KI. I guess it’s translated as aura or chi. It’s the same letter as Tenki’s KI!

Ki is an invisible power that can affect or change something. Ancient people believed the weather was controlled by this mysterious power.

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