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What’s the HINATA’s Name Meaning in Japanese? NARUTO Fun Fact

hyuga hinata written in japanese lettersNARUTO/BORUTO

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. The Japanese word HINATA means “sunny place.” Also, her last name HYUGA has another way of reading, and it’s HINATA too. In this post, I’ll explain how to write HYUGA HINATA in Japanese writing and the meaning of each word in detail.

What Does HINATA Mean?

hinata written in katakana letters

HINATA = sunny place, in the sun

It’s written in Katakana characters instead of Kanji letters, and that’s a typical style in the NARUTO world. In reality, Katakana names are uncommon.

Many members of the Hyuga family have last names related to the sun or light.

  • HIASHI (father): Length of time from sunrise to sunset
  • HANABI (younger sister): fireworks
  • HIZASHI (uncle, Neji’s father): sunlight, sunshine

What Does HYUGA Mean?

hyuga written in japanese kanji

HYUGA = the land of Hyuga

This Kanji combination has several ways of reading. HYUGA and HINATA are the most common ones among them.

HYUGA is an irregular reading for the Kanji combination. The first letter stands for “sun” and the second one is for “go toward.” The word HYUGA comes from HYUGA NO KUNI (the land of Hyuga) which existed in ancient Japan. It was located in the current Miyazaki prefecture and was called HYUGA NO KUNI or HIMUKA NO KUNI.

As the Kanji letters show, HYUGA NO KUNI was named after “the place toward the sun.” Japanese myth tells that one of the Japanese Shinto gods descended on the ground of the Hyuga from heaven.

In our daily life, this Kanji combination is usually used to write the word HINATA for a sunny place. It’s only Hinata who has the first name that can be read as HYUGA.

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