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Iida Tenya’s name meaning in Japanese

Iida Tenya written in kanjiMy Hero Academia

Kanji and meanings of Iida’s name

Though many of the character names in My Hero Academia are uncommon and manga-ish, the name Iida Tenya sounds very normal and super standard.


But his name has a secret!

It’s seemingly hard to know, but whole his name represents his quirk. What is it? Let’s read this entry to the end and find out the secret!

II – meal

Ii written in kanji

This kanji stands for rice and dish. The left part of the character means to eat. The letter that has this part is related to eating or food.

DA – rice field

Da written in kanji

It means rice fields. The shape pictures separated compartments of the field.

The family name IIDA is common and it’s seen mainly around Kanto area. The word derives from the name of the place. Actually, you can see the place named Iida all over Japan.

TEN – heaven

Ten written in kanji

TEN is the heaven. The bottom part of the character stands for a man and the line on the top expresses the sky above.

This kanji is used to represent something noble and reverend, like a god, a prince or a king.

YA – suffix for boy names

Ya written in kanji

A kanji character frequently used a suffix for boy names. It’s used to express the sound YA and the letter itself does not have meaning.

Unlike other characters in My Hero Academia, Iida Tenya’s name is not associated with his quirk or personality.


I guess his whole name comes from the word IDATEN and the kanji letters are chosen to express its sound.

What’s IDATEN?

IDATEN is one of the Buddhism gods and well known for his outstanding agility.

There’s a story that he caught a demon god at a blinding speed when a demon stole the ashes of Buddha. That’s why his name Idaten is used as synonymous for someone who is good at running.

It’s obvious that the name IIDA TENYA comes from IDA TEN. And this name is appropriate for his quirk “engine” that gives him super high speed!

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