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Words translation for INUMAKI TOGE’s language & Meaning

what does inumaki toge say? the translation for iumaki toge's languageJujutsu Kaisen

What does Inumaki Toge say? Do his words have particular meanings?


Yes, for example, salmon means positive and okaka is negative. Toge uses different words depending on what he wants to say!

Inumaki Toge’s vocabulary is limited to only a few words of rice ball filling names. Many Japanese fans of Jujutsu Kaisen are trying to decipher and translate his words. I’ll share the information with you today. Enjoy!

Words translation list of Toge’s words

Here’s the list of 9 names of rice ball fillings that Inumaki Toge’s used so far. We’ll guess the meaning of each word from the scenes in which he said them.

Shake & Okaka (salmon & dried bonito)

picture: rice balls with salmon filling

Shake (salmon) = Yes, Positive feelings in general

Okaka (dried bonito) = No, Negative feelings in general

The meanings of these two words are determined.Because the author of Jujutsu Kaisen, Akutami Gege himself explained it.

Tsunamayo (tuna and mayonnaise)

picture: a japanese rice ball with tuna and mayonnaise filling
  • when Fushiguro tried to call Gojo under the cursed spirits’ attack

Tsunamayo is the most favorite rice ball filling of Toge. It seems he uses this word when he tries to tell something important to the situation or shows his agreement.

For your information, Tsunamayo is one of the most popular fillings in Japan and you can buy it at any convenience store. Tsunamayo is a common filling for sand witches, but it’s good for a rice ball too 😚

Tsunamayo = mention something important or positive feeling (?)

Tsuna (tuna)

picture: canned tuna
  • when Fushiguro put his hand under the floor using his ability
  • when he was surprised or put off by something

Tsuna is used when Toge’s emotion is moved, like “Wow!”, “Oh, no!” or “Look, look!”.

Tsuna = calling word, exclamation (?)

Takana (leaf mustard)

picture: japanese rice balls wrapped with leaf mustard
  • when running up to Okkotsu Yuta after the battle at the shopping mall
  • calling to Okkotsu who woke up after the battle against Geto Suguru
  • held Fushiguro from using his Shikigami and cast Jugon (cursed speech) when they fought Hanami

Toge uses “Takana” when he calls someone, like “are you all right?” or “leave it to me”. We can guess this word is for attracting someone’s attention.

Takana = used for getting someone’s attention (?)

Mentaiko (spicy cod roe)

picture: a rice ball with spicy cod roe filling
  • in the way going to the battle against Geto
  • when Toge first appeared in the scene of Shibuya Jihen (Shibuya incident arc)

Mentaiko has been used 4 times so far, and all the timings are right before fighting. It seems the word is used like shout and yell for getting fired up.

Mentaiko = yell (?)

Konbu (seaweed)

picture: a rice ball with seaweed filling

Toge frequently uses “Konbu” when he’s talking with others. We guess the word itself has no meaning and he says it just to give responses, like “I see”.

Konbu = give responses

Ikura (salmon caviar)

picture: salmon caviar on a rice ball

When Toge got damage to his throat and Panda asked if he was okay, Toge answered “Ikura” and Panda replied, “Well yeah, firstly Maki”.

He has used “Ikura” twice so far and both cases were to help others. It may be the word to point someone except for himself.

Ikura = mention someone (except for Toge himself)

Sujiko (salmon roe)

picture: salmon roe on rice
  • when he was watching the training done between Okkotsu and Maki
  • when Geto appeared in front of him
  • when he met Fushiguro and Nobara first and was introduced to them

Sujiko is a difficult word to understand because it’s used in various situations. But it seems Toge says it when he’s astounded by something, like “my, my”.

For your information, both IKURA and SUJIKO are salmon eggs. Ikura is separated into each grain and Sujiko is not. Ikura is far more expensive than Sujiko and is treated as a luxury food.

Sujiko = my, my (?)

There’re still many mysteries about Toge’s language. I’ll update the article if I got the new information!

Originally, why is his vocabulary limited?


It’s because he is a cursed speech user. Check the post below to know why he must speak with very limited language. Something horrible happens if he spoke freely…!

If you want to know more about Inumaki Toge, check out the posts below!

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