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Inumaki Toge’s power explained! What is Cursed Speech?

what is inumaki toge's power, cursed speech?Jujutsu Kaisen

Inumaki Toge uses the power of JUGON (cursed speech). He can control the action of his opponent with this ability.

What is Cursed Speech?

The Cursed Speech is the cursed technique that has been inherited in the Inumaki family. With the power of KOTODAMA, they can make the word meaning reality.

What is Kotodama?

This is the kanji letters for Kotdama and here’s the meaning of them.

KOTO = word, language,say

DAMA = spirit, ghost

KOTODAMA is a Japanese way of thinking that the words would impact reality. For example, if you said “something bad will happen to you!”, something terrible would really happen to the opponent. This is the power of Kotodama. The power of word interferes with reality.

The members of the Inumaki family can amplify the power of Kotodama with their cursed technique.

Why does Toge speak with ingredients?

The Cursed Speech activates regardless of the user’s intention. To put it in the extreme, if Toge joked and said “Die!”, someone who heard it would accidentally die. His power is such strong and risky.

That’s why Inumaki Toge speaks only with a few words of rice balls ingredients, not to curse people carelessly. The names of rice ball fillings don’t have multiple meanings and they don’t activate the curse.

Additionally, Toge hides his mouth with outfit in order to prevent the malfunction of his skill.

note You can learn what he says and means with this post!

It’s a double-edged sword!

The Cursed Speech ability sounds very powerful, but it’s not all-purpose.

First, you can guard it by protecting your ears and brain with cursed energy.

Second, strong words require more amount of cursed energy and have their reflections. The worst-case scenario is that the curse bounces back to the user itself. When to use the ability must be chosen carefully.

Actually, when he fought the special-grade cursed spirit Hanami, he repeatedly used the cursed speech to strand her and got severe damage to his throat.

The meaning of the marks beside his mouth

Toge has some cursed marks on his mouth. The marks on both sides of his mouth stand for snake eyes. The on his tongue represents a fang.

Cursed words he has used so far

Any words can be the Cursed Speech and it activates ignoring the physical rule.

  • Ochiro (fall down)
  • Buttobe (blow away)
  • Hazero (explode)
  • Tsuburero (crush)
  • Ugkuna (don’t move)
  • Nemure (sleep)
  • Nejirero (twist)
  • Tomare (stop)
  • Nigero (run away)
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