Ishigami Senku’s name in Japanese and meaning
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Ishigami Senku’s name in Japanese and meaning

ishigami senku written in kanjiDr.STONE

Kanji and meanings of Senku’s name

Kanji letters used in Senku’s name are simple, but its meanings are large-scale. Let’s see how big he is!


ishi written in kanji

ISHI is a stone. Yes, it’s exactly the Dr.STONE’s STONE.

Additionally, ISHI is the word that can be interpreted in various ways, if it’s written in other kanji letters. I think there are three meanings.

First, a doctor. Yes, if you translate DR.STONE into Japanese, it can be ISHI ISHI. It may be a play on words.

Second, intention and will. I think it implies a will of Senku to restore the petrified world and save all humanity.

Third, a will of the deceased. Who’s the deceased in this case? I guess it’s Ishigami Byakuya, Senku’s daddy. It can be interpreted that Senku’s will is the one inherited from Byakuya.

The word “STONE” is an important element of the story and have various meanings.


kami written in kanji

This kanji usually reads KAMI, but sometimes reads GAMI when put after the first letter.

KAMI is a god. So if I literally translate Senku’s family name, it means “the god of stone”.


sen written in kanji

SEN is a thousand. For your information, Byakuya’s BYAKU means a hundred. Senku has a bigger scale name than his daddy!


ku written in kanji

This kanji stands for the sky. The name Senku means “a thousand sky”.

And the sound KU can mean the number nine in Japanese. That makes his first name the number “1009”. DR.STONE has a lot of foreshadowing in it and this 1009 may have some meanings. Can you guess what it is!?

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