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What’s the Meaning of ITACHI in Japanese? Hidden Ninja Secret Behind His Name

uchiha itachi, written in japaneseNARUTO/BORUTO

Hi, Junko from Japan here. UCHIHA ITACHI’s name represents “paper fan” and “weasel” in Japanese. In this post, I’ll introduce the origin of his name based on Japanese traditions.

What Does ITACHI Mean and Come from?

As I said first, the word ITACHI means weasel. I think this word comes from KOEZOITACHI, a kind of weasel that dwell in the northern area of Japan. KOEZOITACHI’s formal name says IIZUNA or IZUNA (Mustela nivalis in English).

IIZUNA or IZUNA is a term in Buddhism teaching. It’s a temporary figure of Buddha who appears in this world to save people.

The old NInja clan in Nagano prefecture once believed in IIZUNA. They trained themselves in a mountain called Mt. IIZUNA and developed Ninja techniques named TOGAKUSHI-RYU (hidden door style). I guess this IIZUNA is the origin of MADARA IZUNA, a younger brother of MADARA. And ITACHI derives from IZUNA’s other name, KOEZOITACHI.

For your information, the Togakure Ninja village still exists and teaches Ninja martial arts. If you’re interested, check out the video below. It’s a real Ninja!

What Does UCHIHA Mean?

The last name UCHIHA stands for UCHIWA, a Japanese rounded paper fan. The Uchiha clan made it their family crest to symbolize their Ninja technique that controls fire.

How Do You Spell ITACHI’s Name in Japanese?

Here’s the Japanese writing for UCHIHA ITACHI.

uchiha itachi written in japanese letters

UCHIHA is written in Hiragana, and ITACHI is written in Katakana characters. This style is typical for most NARUTO characters. In reality, we don’t have any Hiragana last names in Japan. First names in Hiragana or Katakana are possible.

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