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Is Choso Itadori’s Brother? How Are These Two Related?

who is itadori yuji's big brother?Jujutsu Kaisen

There’s a high possibility that Choso is a big brother of Itadori Yuji.

Choso appeared as an enemy first and attacked Itadori Yuji. But later he recognized Itadori as his younger brother and acted to guard him.

His “big brother” lines are very popular among Japanese Jujutsu Kaisen fans. Here is the scene in which Choso got all Japanese fans hooked 😆

Translation: I carry out my big brother role with my all might!!

In Japanese, he calls himself “Onichan”. The formal saying for a big brother is “Onisan” or “Nisan” and “OniCHAN” is a bit childish. His way of saying and using the word “Ohichan” sounds co cute and that’s why he’s loved by everyone.

Why is Itadori Yuji related to Choso?

Why can we say Choso is an older brother of Itadori Yuji? I’ll explain it in order!

Choso’s identity

First, Choso is half human and half cursed spirit. He was born to a woman who had a special constitution of being able to have a baby between cursed spirits.

A Jujutsu sorcerer Kamo Noritoshi in Meizi era did an experiment on her. He made her get pregnant and then made her abort the baby. He repeated it 9 times and got 9 baby mummies. These 9 babies were named “Jutai Kusozu (a death painting womb)”.

Jutai Kusozu were treated as a special-grade cursed item and kept under lock and key at Tokyo Jujutsu high school. But someone stole them and gave them living bodies. Yes, one of them is Choso.

The one who stole Jutai Kusozu and gave them bodies is Geto Suguru.

The memory that’s not exist

When Choso met Itadori, a memory that’s NOT EXIST flowed into his brain. In that memory, Choso, his Jutai Kusozu brothers, and Itadori were talking over a table. He got confused and left the place without fighting.

It’s said that this is a memory manipulation that occurred by Itadorii because Todo Aoi also had the same kind of imagination. But the author Akutami Gege told that these two got the scenes in their brains for different reasons. Is it because of Itadori’s memory manipulation ability? The answer is not clear yet.

Geto’s word against Itadori

To guess the true identity of Itadori Yuji, you should pay attention to Geto Suguru’s line in Jujutsu Kaisen ep 133 of manga.

Translation: As expected of me, a vessel of Sukuna is tough, isn’t it?

This word implies that it’s him who created Itadori. If Itadori was created by Geto, that means he and Choso are related because they have the same creator. This is a big reason we can say they are siblings.

And there’s one more reason why Choso recognized Itadori as his younger brother.

Choso’s ability that can sense his sibling’s death

Choso has a special ability that he can sense the death of his brothers. When Itadori was about to die because of the attack by Geto, he felt it and came to help him.

Translation: Itadori! My younger brother! How dare you made me kill him!!

Choso had been on Geto’s side, but he left him after this battle.

What happened to him after that is not described yet, but in a Japanese TV program interview, the author Akutami Gege said “Choso would act on Itadori’s side”. I think the true relationship between Itadori and Choso would be revealed in the upcoming story.

At least, it’s almost determined that Itadori Yuji is NOT a normal human, but has some relationship to cursed spirits.

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