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What’s the Meaning of ITADORI YUJI in Japanese?

Itadori Yuji written in kanjiJujutsu Kaisen

Kanji and Meaning of Yuji’s name

What does Itadori Yuji mean in Japanese? Is it a common name?


The surname ITADORI comes from a herb. It’s very rare word and I’ve never seen it until reading Jujutsu Kaisen. The first name Yuji is a common name for boys in Japan. Let me explain what each kanji mean!

ITADORI – a kind of herb

This is a very irregular kanji reading. Usually, the first letter means a tiger and the second one does a staff. But this combination makes the sound ITADORI which means Reynoutria japonica, a plant name.

Itadori is a kind of perennial and it has tiny white flowers. The stem has red mottle and it looks like a tiger stripe. That’s why it has a kanji character that stands for a tiger.

photo of itadori flower

Additionally, the word ITA is a part of ITAI that means pain in Japanese. And DORI is another way of reading TORU that means to take away. So the word ITADORI can mean pain relief. Old Japanese people used Itadori as an herbal remedy.

In the interview with the author Akutami Gege, he told the origin of Itadori’s name. He chose the name of a herb because Itadori is a character who helps people.

YU – slow and relaxing

Yu written in kanji

YU means far away, slow and relaxing condition. This kanji character is very popular for Japanese first names because of its positive and matured impressions.

JI – caring for others

Ji written in kanji

This character stands for caring for others and charity. Gives steady and matured impression.

It also has a letter with a venerable background. In the Japanese imperial family, there’s a custom to use this kanji symbol for a male member. Successive Japanese emperors have this character for their names.

The first name YUJI is one of the most popular and common names for boys. I think this combination of kanji letters is very nice because it gives accepting, relaxing, and open-minded images. It perfectly suits Itadori’s personality!

Added 08/03/2021

The author Akutami Gege told that he named Yuji after his old classmate. According to Mr. Akutami, he chose the name randomly from his acquaintances so that the name sounds uncommon. It seems he choose extraordinary words for Jujutsu Kaisen characters on purpose.

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