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48 Perfect Japanese Dog Names: 100% Accurate & Meaningful

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Hi, Junko from Japan here! Dogs are precious family members, and it’s quite natural for dog owners to want to present them with a perfect name to your new companion. If you’re looking for cool Japanese names, you’ve reached the right place! I’m a native Japanese and have listed unique and meaningful names with Japanese language origins.

You can find similar lists on other sites. Yet as long as I’ve checked them, many names may be Japanese names, but they’re NOT for dogs. Most names are for baby boys and girls. 

Generally, we don’t share the exact same names between persons and pet dogs in Japanese culture. For example, the most typical name for dogs is POCHI. When Japanese people hear the name POCHI, we all know it’s a dog, not other animals or humans. The names I introduce here are all common and popular, especially for dogs. Check them out and find an ideal name for your new dog!

Popular Unisex Dog’s Names with Two Japanese Letters

Names that consist of two Japanese letters are very common for dog’s names. It’s short and easy to call, and easy to hear for dogs. These names are all gender-neutral, and you can choose them for both male dogs and female dogs.

  • CHIBI チビ (small one, little one)
  • FUKU フク (good luck, good fortune)
  • KAI カイ (sea, ocean)
  • KORO コロ (a Japanese word that stands for something rounded and cute)
  • KURO クロ (black)
  • MARU マル (circle, rounded)
  • MUGI ムギ (wheat)
  • POCHI ポチ (a typical name for dogs in Japan)
  • RIKU リク (earth)
  • SHIRO シロ (white)
  • SORA ソラ (sky)
  • TEN テン (heaven, sky)

Lovely Names for Female Dogs

On the list are the names of female dogs. They have lovely and beautiful meanings! Most names are related to spring and will be a great name for a dog born during the spring season. Also, they’ll make great harmony with small breeds with their adorable impressions.

  • HANA ハナ (flower)
  • HARU ハル (spring)
  • HIME ヒメ (princess)
  • KOHAKU コハク (amber)
  • KOHARU コハル (little spring)
  • KOMUGI コムギ (little wheat)
  • KOUME コウメ (little Japanese apricot)
  • MOMO モモ (peach, pink)
  • SAKURA サクラ (cherry blossom)
  • YUZU ユズ (Japanese citrus)

The names with the KO sound at the first letter are classical names that were used for women in the old days. They’re more Japanese-sounding than other ones. The word KOHAKU is an exception and it’s a Japanese word that means “amber” of gemstones.

Cool Japanese Names for Male Dogs

These are traditional Japanese names for male dogs. Some are from the old names of Japanese boys and have classical and sturdy impressions. Don’t miss this list if you want a cool and unique dog name!

  • CHACHAMARU チャチャマル (a classic name for boys)
  • GON ゴン (a classic name for dogs)
  • HACHI ハチ (bee, eight, a loyal dog Hachi)
  • HAYATE ハヤテ (gale, swift wind)
  • KIBA キバ (fang)
  • KOTARO コタロウ (a classic name for boys)
  • KOTETSU コテツ (a classic name for boys, the name of the famous Japanese Katana swordsmith)
  • RIKI リキ (strength)
  • RYU リュウ (sturdy, prosper, dragon)
  • TARO タロウ (the most basic and traditional boy’s name in Japan)
  • TETSU テツ (iron, philosophy)
  • YAMA ヤマ (mountain)
  • YAMATO ヤマト (an ancient word that means Japan)

HACHI is the name of the famous dog in the 1920s. He had been waiting for his owner for 10 years in front of the Shibuya station in Tokyo even after the owner was deceased. People called him CHUKEN HACHIKO (a loyal dog Hachi) and built a bronze statue for his memory in the Shibuya station. You may know his name since the movie inspired by the loyal Hachi was released in the US. The title is Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.

Kawaii Japanese Food Names

Food names are one of the most popular origins of pet names in Japan. On the list are cute food names from Japanese cuisine. Every name sounds lovely and it would be an excellent choice if you’re looking for adorable Japanese names.

  • AZUKI アズキ (Japanese sweet bean)
  • DAIFUKU ダイフク (mochi filled with sweet bean paste)
  • ICHIGO イチゴ (strawberry)
  • KINAKO キナコ (dried soy bean powder)
  • KURUMI クルミ (walnut)
  • MIKAN ミカン (mandarin orange)
  • OMOCHI オモチ (a polite and cute way of saying Japanese Mochi)

From Japanese Dog Breeds

Name your dogs from the dog breeds are a common way of naming. These are the names that come from Japanese breeds. They’re recommended for male dogs since most of them are hunting dogs.

  • AKITA アキタ (Akita Inu, a big and sturdy dog breed from Akita prefecture)
  • KAI カイ (Kai Ken, wild and strong hunter dogs with black coat color from Yamanashi prefecture)
  • KISHU キシュウ (Kishu Ken, excellent hunter dogs with white coat color from Wakayama prefecture)
  • SHIBA シバ (Shiba Inu, the most popular and common Japanese dog breed)
  • TOSA トサ (Tosa Inu, Japanese Mastiff, fierce dog breed crossbred for dog fights)
  • YAKURO ヤクロウ (Yakuro Inu, a legendary dog that was believed to inherit wolf’s blood)

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