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8 Beautiful Japanese Names That Mean FIRE

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Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. I’ll introduce 8 Japanese names with “fire” meaning. I’ve seen many fire names on the internet, but they’re all just randomly created and don’t make sense. As you know, each Kanji symbol has its origin and meaning behind it. What I introduce to you here are all beautiful in both sounds and meaning. Hope you’ll find your favorite one!

AKARI: Lamplight

akari written in kanji

The word AKARI means “lamplight” or “light.” The left part of the symbol stands for “fire” and the right one describes “lamp.” Since it gives warm and gentle impressions, AKARI is a popular name for girls in Japan.


homura written in kanji

HOMURA is a classic way of calling “flame” in Japanese. Both the top and bottom parts describe burning fire, and the whole symbol pictures “flame.”

KAGERO: Heat Haze

kagero written in kanji

KAGERO means “heat haze.” This word doesn’t directly mean fire. But the second Kanji symbol is for fire. The first letter represents “sun,” and the entire word KAGERO represents “something waving like fire.” It’s a word that gives beautiful and mysterious impressions.

KAGUTSUCHI: Fire God in Japanese Myth

KAGUTSUCHI is an ancient fire god from Japanese myth. His name represents “a spirit of shining fire” and governs fire, blacksmith, and agriculture.

KARIN: Fire Ring or Sun

karin written in kanji

The word KARIN originally means “fire ring” and can stand for “sun” by extension. The name KARIN is a name for girls though we usually use other Kanji combinations for it.

REKKA: Fierce Fire

rekka written in kanji

REKKA is a word for “fierce fire” in Japanese. The first symbol means “fierce” and “strong” and emphasizes the second fire symbol.

REN: Forge

ren written in kanji

The REN represents “forge metal” or “train oneself and improve one’s ability.” It doesn’t mean fire directly, but the left part stands for a fire since you need fire to forge something.

SHIRANUI: Fire Spirit

shiranui written in kanji

SHIRANUI is a kind of Japanese Yokai monster or spirit. It’s equivalent to the will-o-the-wisp in English. In Japanese tradition, SHIRANUI is a mysterious fire flowing above the sea. Some areas believed that SHIRANUI was light created by a dragon god.

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