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11 Japanese Names That Mean LOVE Selected by a Native Japanese

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Hi, it’s Junko from Japan! The word LOVE is truly beautiful. Love says AI in Japanese, and the Kanji symbol for Love is one of the most common and popular ones for Japanese names, especially for girls. Even the current royal princess in Japan has the love symbol in her name!

In this post, I’ll introduce some Japanese names that mean LOVE. It’s a shame that I sometimes meet baby girl names with “Japanese origin”on internet, but many of them don’t make sense at all for me. Maybe these names are just borrowed from somewhere without knowing their true meanings.

I promise all the names here are selected by me, a native Japanese, and sound natural and beautiful. If you’re looking for genuine Japanese names, check out the list here!

AI: Popular Japanese Name for LOVE

ai, kanji symbol for love

The simplest name for love in Japanese is AI. It’s spelled with one Kanji symbol that stands for love. This is one of the most popular Kanji characters for baby girl names.

The names including the AI sound are also popular, especially in recent years. Here are some candidates.

Other Lovely Names Including AI

  • AIKO
  • AIKA
  • AINA
  • AIRA
  • AIRI

For your information, AIKO is the name of the current Japanese royal princess! This KO is a traditional suffix for Japanese girl names, and we have many female names with KO. Mine, JunKO, is the one too!

MANA: Another Way of Reading Love Symbol

The Kanji symbol for love can be read as MANA other than AI, and it’s also a good choice for girl names. Personally, I think the name MANA sounds more modern and bright.

Of course, there’re other variations for MANA, too. Here are Japanese female names including the MANA sound.

Other Cute Names Including MANA

Common names including MANA are these two.


I think MANAE is also possible for a name, but it’s not so common compared to MANAKA and MANAMI. Also, it may be a bit confusing since we call the word “name” NAMAE in Japanese. Aren’t they similar? 

Do You Have Similar Words to Love in Japanese?

The exact translation for the word love is AI. If I have to offer something else, I think it’s KOI. The Japanese word KOI is also interpreted as “love” in English, but the meaning is a bit different from AI.

koi, kanji symbol for romantic feeling

KOI means to feel in love with someone. It can be used only for someone more than a friend while a normal AI is for everyone. KOI is limited to romantic feelings.

Honestly, the name KOI sounds odd. But the KOI symbol has another reading of REN, and the name REN or LEN is possible. Since we don’t have the R sound in the Japanese language, REN is spelled with R, but the actual pronunciation is close to LEN.

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