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Japanese Kanji: ONI – a japanese demon

Oni written in kanji Negative/Dark

How to read



A Japanese human shaped demon with horns on its head.

This is an illustration of typical Oni. Red skin, two horns, sharp fangs, wearing a pants made from tiger skin and a metal club with his hand.

Impression & Usage

Gives strong and sturdy impressions.

Needless to say, this ONI is Demon Slayer’s demon. Oni is basically an existence that threatens human lives.

But there’s an exception. We have a word “Oni of something”. In this case, the word Oni means someone who is working on something amazingly hard.

For example, Rock Lee in NARUTO can be said “doryoku no Oni” meaning “an outstanding hard worker”. It’s kind of admiration and it has no bad intention.

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