Explain Jujutsu Kaisen 0 story in English
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Explain Jujutsu Kaisen 0 story in English

the stor of jujutsu kaisen 0 explainedJujutsu Kaisen/Sorcery Fight

What’s the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 story like? Itadori Yuji doesn’t appear, does he?

No, Jujutsu Kaisen 0’s main character is Okkotsu Yuta. It’s the story that happened ONE YEAR AGO from the main story. Let me explain the storyline!

Okkotsu Yuta and Orimoto Rika

Okkotsu Yuta and Orimoto Rika were childhood friends who promised the future. But Rika died in front of Okkotsu in a car accident.

Just after her death, Okkotsu witnessed her change into a dreadful ghost. She loves him so much and obsessed with him becoming a cursed spirit.

Rika’s power as a ghost was extremely strong enough to be ranked a special grade cursed spirit. She attacked anyone who harmed Okkotsu without mercy. The existence of Rika reached the Jujutsu society and Okkotsu was sentenced to the secret death penalty.

Days at Tokyo Jujutsu high school

Okkotsu accepted his sentence but Gojo Satoru appeared and led him to enter Tokyo Jujutsu high school. He met Zenin Maki, Inumaki Toge, and Panda there and worked as a Jujutsu sorcerer together with them.

The second-graders appear in the volume 0!

Yes! They are first-graders and you can see them look a bit younger. As working and training with them, Okkotsu is growing as a Jujutsu sorcerer.

The cruel truth

While spending his days at Tokyo Jujutsu high, he doubted one thing. Isn’t it he himself who curses Rika?

He reminded the fact that he replied “We’ll be together forever and ever.” when Rika gave him a ring and proposed to him. Okkotsu suspected that he cast a curse of “being together forever” and that makes Rika remain and restrict in this world.

Okkotsu made his mind to free Rika from the curse.

You mean Rika didn’t curse Okkotsu?

Exactly. It’s Okkotsu who cursed Rika. He wasn’t obsessed with Rika but he made her a ghost.

Jujutsu terrorism by Geto Suguru

Geto Suguru was a classmate of Gojo Satoru, but he betrayed and left the Jujutsu sorcerer society. He acted for his aim of creating the world only for Jujutsu sorcerers.

He caused a Jujutsu terrorism called Hyakki Yako (the night parade of a hundred demons). He released a thousand cursed spirits to annihilate normal people and tried to realize his ideal world.

But the Hyakki Yako was a feint and his true goal was to get Rika of the special grade cursed spirit. Geto attacked Okkotsu but failed to rob Rika from him and severely injured. On the way of running away, Gojo Satoru found Geto and gave him a final blow.

Release Rika

Okkotsu was ready to die with Rika. But the curse was released because Okkotsu accepted Rika’s death. Rika returned to her normal appearance and went to heaven.

Originally, why and how did Okkotsu make Rika a cursed spirit?

He didn’t recognize it but he has enormous cursed energy. The reason why Rika became a cursed spirit was his refusal to her death. He wished to be together with her and that restricted Rika as a curse.

What happened to him after that? Is he showing up the main story?

He went abroad to train himself. But he enters the main story from chapter 137 of Jujutsu Kaisen!

Read Jujutsu Kaisen 0!

If you love and enjoy Jujutsu Kaisen now, the volume 0 is DEFINITELY worth reading. It’s going to be made into a movie in coming winter and now is the best time to prepare for it!

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