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Kageyama Tobio’s name meaning in Japanese

Kageyama Tobio written in kanji Haikyuu!!


Kage written in kanji

KAGE means shadow.

This kanji makes contrast with Hinata’s name which means the sunshine. Hinata is the light and Kageyama is shadow. Intensive light creates thick shadow and their names show that.


Yama written in kanji

YAMA means mountains. This is one of the most common kanji letter used for family names.

Yamaguchi Tadashi at Karasuno high school, Shibayama Yuki and Yamamoto Taketora at Nekoma high school, Hanayama Kazumasa at Wakutani Minami high school…

Many other people in Haikyuu!! also have this YAMA letter in their family names.


Tobi written in kanji

This kanji stands for flying. It’s exactly the same letter as the word written on Karasuno’s flag, Kiyoko prepared for cheering the team.

Hinata Shoyo’s SHO also uses another kanji that means to fly, but the nuance is slightly different.

Tobio’s letter means to move fast in the air. Hinata’s one does to fly high with wings. I think each kanji expresses and matches their character!


O written in kanji

This character stands for manly feature and gives strong and heroic impressions. Frequently used for boy names.

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