Shinomiya Kaguya’s name meaning in japanese
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Shinomiya Kaguya’s name meaning in japanese

the meaning of kaguya samaKaguya-sama: Love is War

Shinomiya Kaguya’s name in Kaguya-sama: Love is War is derived from a Japanese old fairy tale “Kaguya Hime”.

What kind of story is it? Are there any common points between them?

I’ll tell you about it today😀

The story of Kaguya Hime

Kaguya Hime means the princess Kaguya. It’s a fairy tale that any Japanese knows. The story starts from the scene in which an old man found a shining bamboo.

A princess born from a bamboo

When an old man got closer to the bamboo, he found a beautiful little girl in it. He brought her his home and raised her as his daughter with his wife. She grew up at the incredible speed and became a beautiful lady in a few months. They named her “Kaguya Hime”, which means the princess Kaguya.

Five suitors and five difficult requests

The beauty of Kaguya got well known all over the country and five noble persons came to her to propose marriage. She declined all of them, but no one gave up. She was troubled and gave each man an impossible demand of bringing her legendary treasures.

Five men tried the treasure hunting. But some got fakes and some got heavily injured. They all failed in the end.

Even the emperor at the time proposed her after hearing her reputation. Kaguya exchanged letters with him, but never said yes to his poroposal.

Return to the moon

After the incidents, the princess Kaguya got to spend her time viewing the moon in a musing mood. The old man and his wife were worried so much and asked why. She replied with tears that her real identity was a dweller of the moon and messengers would come soon to bring her back.

One night, the messengers from the moon finally came from the sky. Two thousands of soldiers were deployed to guard Kaguya, but they all got numb and couldn’t fight.

Kaguya was taken away and forgot everyting on the earth. But she left a gift before leaving. It was an elixir of immortality.

The emperor accepted the elixir, but he ordered to burn it out on the highest mountain in the country instead of using if. The mountain began to be called “Fujisan” after the Japanese word “FUSHI” that means immortality. It’s mount Fuji we can see now.

Any common points with Kaguya in Love is War?

I think there are some similarity between the princess Kaguya and Kaguya in Love is War. Both of them are gifted and have extraordinary beauty, but they are very stubborn and can’t be honest with themselves.

The princess in the fairy tale returned to the moon. What will we be Shinomiya Kaguya’s destiny? Can Shirogane catch her heart and make her stay on the earth?

I believe Kaguya-sama will have a happy ending!

Kaguya-sama: Love is War
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