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Kaminari Denki’s name meaning in Japanese

Kaminari Denki written in kanjiMy Hero Academia

Kanji and meanings of Kaminari’s name

Kaminari Denki’s name is easy to understand like his personality. Both his family name and first name show the feature of his quirk “Electrification”.


Kaminari written in kanji

The word KAMINARI means thunder, though we use other kanji letter to mean it (you can learn it right after this!). Only the sound is used to represent thunder.

The first letter reads KAMI and it stands for upper direction. The second letter is NARI and means cry or call of animals. It’s also used to express a roll of thunder.

Though there’s no Japanese word of this kanji combination, I think these characters are chosen because they contains the meanings that associate with thunder. The whole name can be interpreted “roll above the sky”.


Denki written in kanji

DENKI is electricity.

The first letter DEN means thunder and the second one does energy. And DEN’s another reading is KAMINARI.

The word Denki is simply electricity and we don’t usually use it for someone’s name. Kaminari Denki sounds very manga-ish!

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