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What’s the Meaning of KAMINARI DENKI in Kanji?

Kaminari Denki written in kanjiMy Hero Academia

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan! KAMINARI means thunder, and DENKI is for electricity in Japanese. The entire name of KAMINARI DENKI represents his quirk! In this post, I’ll explain the meaning of KAMINARI DENKI’s full name based on the Kanji writing.

What Does KAMINARI Mean in Japanese?

Kaminari written in kanji

KAMI = up, top
NARI = cry, call, make sounds

The word KAMINARI means “thunder” though we use other Kanji symbols for it. But if you use the KAMINARI symbol, it’s too direct and doesn’t look like one’s last name. I think that’s why other letters are selected to make it more like a Japanese family name.

If I translate the Kanji letters, it would be “something makes sounds above the sky” or “sound from the upper direction.” Denki’s last name reminds of us a roll of thunder somehow. 

What Does DENKI Mean in Japanese?

Denki written in kanji

DEN = electric, electrical, thunder, train
KI = energy, air, atmosphere

DENKI is a word for “electricity.” The entire name KAMINARI DENKI represents “thunder and electricity.” His name exactly shows his quirk “Electrification”!

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