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BUSHIDO in Japanese Kanji Symbol & Free Download!

bushido written in japanese kanji lettersPeople/Job/Position

What are kanji letters for BUSHIDO?

bushido written in japanese kanji letters

BUSHI = bushi, Japanese samurai

DO = way, load

The word BUSHIDO means “the way of bushi” and it represents how the bushi should be and live.

A famous phrase of Bushido

When it comes to the Bushido, we remember a famous phrase that teaches what the Bushido is.

The phrase says “Bushido to iu ha, shinu koto to mitsuketari.” in Japanese.

It means “I found that what is bushido is to die.”

Does it say a bushi has to die to achieve his goal?


Hmm… it doesn’t seem right.

This phrase is written in the Japanese old book “Hagakure”. The book teaches that those who called bushi must be prepared to sacrifice even their lives to be right as a bushi.


It does not require one’s death but a mind that is strong enough to put his life on the line and survive.

What’s the difference between Bushi and Samurai?

Are bushi and samurai different?


It’s almost the same! But their social position is a bit different.

Samurai has a master to serve. So it’s a kind of position while bushi does not necessarily have a master.

Bushi is a pure warrior who lives to develop his fighting ability.


I think samurai is similar to a Western knight, maybe?

Free download

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