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How to Spell SAKURA in Kanji Writing?

cherry blossom written in japanese kanjj symbolKanji characters

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. How do you write the Japanese word SAKURA in kanji writing? Here it is.

sakura written in japanese kanji symbol, meaning cherry blossom

You can learn the stroke order with this video. The correct stroke will make your handwriting beautiful!

The Origin of Kanji for Cherry Blossom

The left part of the character is for “tree,” and it’s a Kanji radical called KIHEN. KI means a tree, and HEN is a component that is placed on the left side of Kanji letters.

The right one consists of two parts. The three dots on the top depicts a necklace, and the bottom one is a kneeling woman. The entire symbol portrays “a tree with flowers that are beautiful like a dressed-up woman.” It seems flowers of cherry blossoms have been a symbol of beauty since ancient times!

Do You Have Other Kanji Symbols for Cherry Blossom?

We have one. Here’s another Kanji for SAKURA.

sakura written in the old kanji style

It’s an old style for the SAKURA symbol that was used before 1946. Though it’s not included in Joyo Kanji (commonly used Kanji) list, this old character is still available. We sometimes see someone has this letter in their family name.

The meaning and reading are the same as the current SAKURA symbol!

Can You Write SAKURA in Hiragana or Katakana?

Of course, yes. Here are Hiragana writing and Katakana writing for the word SAKURA. 

sakura in japanese hiragana writing
SAKURA in Hiragana writing
sakura in japanese katakana writing
SAKURA in Katakana writing

When we refer to cherry blossom, we use Kanji writing. But we sometimes use Hiragana or Katakana on purpose for the names of services, stores, and things like that. They’ll make beautiful names with feminine and lovely impressions!

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