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How to Write GOKU in Japanese Kanji

goku written in japanese kanji lettersKanji characters

Dragon Ball Son Goku in Kanji Writing

Here are kanji letters for Goku in Dragon Ball.

goku written in japanese kanji letters

What does Goku’s kanji mean?


GO means “enlightenment” and KU is “sky”! His name comes from the main character of SAIYUKI (journey to the West), an old Chinese story well-known and popular in Japan.

3 Kanji Symbols on Goku’s Shirt

The kanji symbols on Goku’s uniform change as the story goes on. Let me explain what each letter represents!

KAME – turtle

kame written in japanese kanji symbol, meaning turtle

The first one is KAME, meaning “turtle”. He got a familiar orange uniform with this turtle symbol from Kame Sennin (Master Roshi).

KAME = turtle
SENNIN = hermit

The KAME letter symbolizes Goku’s first teacher Kame Sennin and shows that he’s a disciple of Kame-style martial arts.

KAIOU – King Kai

kaiou written in japanese kanji letters, meaning king kai in dragon ball anime

The second one is KAIOU. It’s also his master’s name and stands for Kaiou (King Kai).

KAI = world
OU = king

His mark on the uniform changed from Kame to Kaiou when he finished his training under King Kai. After that, Goku went back to the earth to beat Vegeta.

GO – Goku

go written in japanese kanji symbol, meaning goku in dragon ball anime

The last one is Goku’s GO. The kanji symbol changed from Kaiou to Go when he got to Planet Namek. This uniform with Go was given by King Kai. I think these changes represent Goku’s growth as a fighter.

What do you mean?


He surpassed his two masters, Master Roshi and King Kai, and established his own Goku style! It seems the symbols on his back tell that.

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