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What is the Kanji for HERO in Japanese?

hero written in japanese kanji lettersKanji characters

Hi, Junko from Japan here. Hero says EIYŪ in Japanese, and here’s the Kanji writing for it.

eiyu written in japanese kanji

EI = great, excellent, smart, beautiful
YŪ = man, male, courageous

What Does Hero Mean in Japanese?

Based on the Kanji combination, the word EIYU stands for “a person with great power and intelligence who achieved outstanding performance.”

For your information, the same combination is sometimes used for a Japanese name for boys, but it reads HIDEO, not EIYU.

The Origin of the EIYU Symbols

The entire EI symbol portrays a shining flower and it eventually became to mean something excellent. It’s a Kanji letter that has only positive meanings and is frequently used for Japanese first names.

The YU letter describes a male bird that is spreading his wings to show his strength. This one is also a popular character for Japanese boys’ names.

How to Say a National Hero in Japanese?

A Japaese word for a national hero is KOKUMINTEKI EIYU.

kokuminteki eiyu written in japanese kanji

KOKUMIN = national people
TEKI = -ish, -like, -style
EIYŪ = hero

How to Spell the Hero Symbols?

You can learn the correct stroke order for the HERO symbols in these videos.

Do You Have Similar Japanese Words for HERO?

Yes, we have some. HERO is becoming a Japanese word, and Japanese people can understand and use the word HERO with the same meaning as the English word. It’s written in Katakana since it comes from foreign words and is pronounced like HI-LO. We don’t have the R sound in the Japanese language and many Japanese people can’t pronounce it correctly 😂

I’ve picked up some Japanese words that represent a great man or an excellent person. These are sometimes used to praise someone who stands out in a particular field. I see these words in TV news programs and newspapers.

  • ヒーロー HERO
  • 英傑 EIKETSU (outstanding person)
  • 王 OU (king)
  • 風雲児 FUUNJI (revolutionary person)
  • 勇者 YUSHA (brave man, hero)
  • 偉人 IJIN (great man)
  • 名将 MEISHŌ (great commander)
  • 主人公 SHUJINKŌ (main character)

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