HOLY in Japanese Kanji Symbol & Free Download!
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HOLY in Japanese Kanji Symbol & Free Download!

holy written in japanese kanji symbolDevine/Holy

What is a kanji letter for HOLY?

seinaru written in japanese kanji symbol and hiragana letters, meaning holy

Holy says SEI-NARU in Japanese. SEI is in kanji and NARU is in hiragana letters.

Do I need hiragana?


You need hiragana when using “holy” in a sentence. If you want to use it for your artwork, putting the symbol alone seems cooler and still makes perfect sense!

How to read



holy, a saint, a person who mastered something


It gives divine, dignified, and solemn impressions.


The SEI symbol consists of three parts.

The upper left stands for ears and the upper right one does a mouth. The bottom part represents a person and the whole symbol pictures a great man who can hear a god’s voice.

Free download

You can download the kanji data with transparent PNG format. Each letter is made in 1000px X 1000px. Available for any purposes and no link or credit is needed. Feel free to take it!


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