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Dragon Ball Kame Sennin’s Kanji Symbols and Meaning in Japanese

turtle in japanese kanji symbolPeople/Job/Position

What are kanji letters for KAME SENNIN?

KAME SENNIN mans “Turtle Hermit” in Japanese.

KAME = turtle

SENNIN = hermit, mountain wizard

Sennin is an old man who lives deep in the mountain and trains himself. He has mysterious magic power and respected by people.

Is the meaning the same as the English translation “Master Roshi”?


No. The word Master Roshi is a translation for MUTEN ROSHI, an honorary title for Kame Sennin.

mutenroushi written in japanese kanji letters

MU = martial arts, weapon

TEN = heaven

ROU = old, aged

SHI = master, teacher

Muten Roushi is an alias of Kame Sennin for praising him as an outstanding martial artist.

The symbol for Turtle

kame written in japanese kanji symbol, meaning turtle

This is a kanji symbol for “turtle” that symbolizes Kame Sennin and his martial arts. As you know, this is a kanji letter printed on Goku and other fighters’ uniforms.

The whole shape pictures a turtle.

In Japan, a turtle is a symbol of longevity and good luck, especially for money luck!

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