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What Does KAME SENNIN Mean in Japanese?

turtle in japanese kanji symbolKanji characters

Hi, Junko from Japan here. KAME SENNIN in Dragon Ball means “turtle hermit” in Japanese. Here’s the Kanji writing for KAME SENNIN and the meaning of each symbol.

KAME = turtle
SEN = hermit, someone who has mastered something
NIN = person, human

The word SENNIN comes from the Chinese religion Taoism and is familiar among Japanese people. It stands for a hermit who lives in deep mountains and cast mysterious magic and is frequently described as an old man with a long white beard.

I think KAME SENNIN in Dragon Ball doesn’t look like a typical SENNIN except for his long beard and cane. For your information, this cane is nothing but a normal wooden stick according to Toriyama Akira.


I prefer the Jacky Chun version with a black Kung Fu costume. He was cool!

A SENNIN person is an existence close to a god who attained supernatural power and immortality after severe training.

It seems this setting is reflected in KAME SENNIN since his age was 319 when he first showed up in the Dragon Ball episode. His older sister URANAI BABA (fortuneteller Baba) is also over 500 years old.

The secret of their longevity hasn’t been revealed. Yet he told that he hadn’t had an elixir of life and at least it was not because of some medicine.

What Does MUTEN ROSHI Mean in Japanese?

MUTEN ROSHI is another name for KAME SENNIN. It means “martial arts heaven old master” and is used as the title to praise and respect his outstanding strength.

muten roshi written in japanese kanji letters

MU = weapon, martial art, Samurai
TEN = heaven, sky
RO = old, elder
SHI = master, teacher

What Is Master Roshi’s Real Name?

It’s unknown. But Master Rochi uses the name MUTEN ROSHI for his car lisence registration.

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