PRINCESS in Japanese kanji symbol & Free Download!
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PRINCESS in Japanese kanji symbol & Free Download!

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What is a kanji letter for PRINCESS?

hime written in japanese kanji symbol, meaning princess

Princess says HIME in Japanese.


OHIMESAMA is the same meaning. It’s a polite and a bit childish way of saying HIME. The word OHIIMESAMA frequently appears in picture books for little kids!

O and SAMA represents your respect!

How to read



princess, a noble woman, a beautiful woman


It gives noble, elegant, and feminine impressions. A princess itself!


The left part of the characters is a kanji symbol that stands for a woman. The right one represents a vassal or a servant.

They make the HIME symbol mean “a woman who is noble enough to have vassals”.

Similar words

They are Japanese words with similar meanings as “princess”. All these words represent titles of noble women.

JOOU – queen

japanese kanji letters that mean queen

JO = woman

OU = king

It’s easy to understand. A female king is queen!

OUJO – royal princess

japanese kanji letters that mean royal princess

OU = king

JO = woman

Do they use the same letters as “queen”?


Exactly! But the order and the meanings are different.

The word OUJO is usually translated as just “princess”. It represents “a daughter of a king” while the HIME symbolizes a princess in picture books who every girl admires and longs for.

KOUJO – imperial

japanese kanji letters that mean imperial princess

KOU = emperor, imperial family

JO = woman

This word is used like the OUJO and represents a title of being a imperial princess.

Free download

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