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Meaning of SHINE in Japanese. Why and How Do They Say DIE?

what does shine mean in japanese?Kanji characters

Hi, Junko from Japan here. The Japanese word SHINE (not meant glittering shining, but SHI-NE) means “die.” It’s an imperative sentence of the verb SHINU. I think you’ve heard that many times in Japanese anime and manga.

Does it directly mean “you should die”?


Yes. It’s a common phrase to insult or offend someone. Though I’m not sure if I can say it’s common…

In anime and manga, characters often say SHINE! when they fight and attack their opponents. If you say SHINE to a Japanese, it’s 100% abusive.

I think people are becoming using this phrase more easily affected by battle and Furyo (punk kids) animes. But don’t use it carelessly. It’s a clearly dirty and offensive word. We never regard it as a joke.

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