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Japanese Kanji Symbol for FAMILY. For Your Tattoo Free Download

family written in japanese kanji lettersKanji characters

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. Family says KAZOKU in the Japanese language. I hear it’s one of the most popular symbols for tattoos. In this post, I’ll explain what each Kanji symbol represents for “family” symbols.

What Is the Japanese Symbol for Family?

Here’s the Kanji writing for family. It consists of two Kanji characters.

kazoku written in japanese kanji letters, meaning family

KA = home, house
ZOKU = fellow, pedigree, lineage, race

The KA letter stands for “home.” The top part depicts a roof, and the part below the roof portrays an animal. The entire shape represents a sacred place for serving a sacrifice to gods.

The ZOKU represents something that belongs to the same group. Its shape symbolize an army flag and arrows gathering around the flag.

Do we always need two letters for the family?


Yes. Don’t use each symbol alone if you want to mean family. It’s odd to use these letters separately. The KA would be understood as “house,” and the ZOKU doesn’t make sense alone.

Family Symbol Images for Free Download!

Here are 4 free downloads of the family Kanji symbol in PNG format. I prepared the black letters and the outlines, horizontal writing and vertical one for each. Feel free to use them for any purpose.

Click each image, and you can get the larger size!

kanji symbols for family, black horizontal
kanji symbols for family, outline horizontal
kanji symbols for family, black vertical
kanji symbols for family, outline vertical

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    • Junko says:

      Thank you for your message. I’m happy to hear that you love the family symbol. Please feel free to use the download data!