FLOWER in Japanese kanji symbol & Free Download!
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FLOWER in Japanese kanji symbol & Free Download!

flower written in japanese kanji symbolWeather/Nature

All about FLOWER in Japanese!

hana written in japanese kanji symbol, meaning flower

Flower says HANA in Japanese. It’s a simple but lovely symbol!

If you like it, you can download free PNG data at the end of this page. I'm a native Japanese and I guarantee you that every kanji letter is 100% accurate.

Hope it helps for your tattoo ideas and designs!

How to read





It gives adorable, cute and lovely impressions like a little girl.


The top part of the characters pictures “plant” and the bottom one stands for “to transform” and “change”.

Why is the word “transform” used for flower?


It’s said that the “transform” part represents that a bud opens and turns into a flower, and a blooming flower eventually disperses.

How to write

Here’s a calligraphy video that teaches how to write the flower kanji in the correct order and beautifully!

【書道・習字】お手本動画 5年「花」

Free download

You can download the kanji data with transparent PNG format. Each letter is made in 1000px X 1000px. Available for any purposes and no link or credit is needed. Feel free to take it!


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