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How to Write FLOWER in Japanese Kanji Correctly

flower written in japanese kanji symbolKanji characters

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. Flower says HANA in Japanese. Here’s the Kanji writing for it. It’s one of the most basic Kanji letters in the Japanese language we learn at elementary schools!

hana written in japanese kanji symbol, meaning flower

The Origin of the Flower Symbol

You can divide the flower symbol into two parts. The top and the bottom.

The top part is called KUSAKANMURI, meaning “grass crown” in Japanese. It’s one of the Kanji radicals and is used for the Kanji characters that mean plants. Its shape comes from growing grasses. For example, the Kanji symbol for grass uses the same KUSAKANMURI too.

The bottom part is a Kanji letter that means “transform.” Flowers change their appearance from petals into beautiful flowers. That’s why the “transform” part is applied.

kanji letter for transform in japanese

The Stroke Order for HANA

The correct stroke order makes your handwriting neat and beautiful. You can learn the stroke order for the HANA Kanji with this video.

Do You Have Other Kanji Symbols for HANA?

Yes, we have another letter for HANA, and this is it.

kanji for hana, meaning gorgeous in japanese

This one also reads HANA. But the meaning and the usage are slightly different from the basic HANA symbol. Can you see the bottom part is busier with many lines? It describes that flowers are beautifully blooming, and the entire symbol means “gorgeous.”

The gorgeous HANA also has the meaning of “flower,” but we don’t usually use it for flowers. If you want to mean “flower,” using the basic one is the correct usage!

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