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7 Popular Kanji Symbols for LIGHT in Japanese

japanese kanji symbols for lightKanji characters

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. The most common Japanese word for light is 光(HIKARI). But when it comes to Kanji symbols, we have many other letters that can stand for light.

Here I introduce X common and popular Japanese symbols for light. Each one has different readings and meanings (of course, all are based on light, though). I hope you can find what you’re looking for in these characters!

General Light

kanji symbol for general light
  • Readings: HIKARI, KOU, MITSU
  • Meanings: light
  • For Names: Popular

It’s the most common word and symbol for light. The whole symbol describes a bright fire burning above someone’s head. Frequently used for both boys’ and girls’ names.

Being Bright

kanji for bright
  • Readings: MEI, MYOU, AKA-RI, AKA-RUI
  • Meanings: bright, turn the light on, daybreak
  • For Names: Popular

The Kanji letter for meaning “bright.” The left part stands for the sun, and the right one is for the moon. Frequently used for both boys’ and girls’ names.

Lamp Light

kanji for lamp light
  • Meanings: light, lamp
  • For Names: Common for Girls

The left part means fire, and the right one depicts a candlestick. The entire symbol represents light in a lamp. I think this character gives a warm impression since it’s based on fire.

Shine on Something

kanji for shine on
  • Readings: SHOU, TERU, TE-RASU
  • Meanings: shine on, illuminate, light up
  • For Names: Common

This Kanji symbol stands for shining a light on something. The upper part symbolizes sacred sunshine, and the bottom one portrays a burning fire. 

Shining Sunlight

kanji for shining sunlight
  • Meanings: shine, clear, obvious
  • For Names: Common for Boys

This symbol consists of two Kanji characters. One is for the sun, and the other is for light. You can see the first light symbol is placed on the bottom part. The whole shape represents the sunshine is brightly shining.


kanji for flash
  • Readings: SEN, HIRAME-KU
  • Meanings: flash
  • For Names: Uncommon

The Kanji letter stands for a flash of light. It’s a cool symbol but is not used for a person’s name. You’ll find it in the special move names of Japanese anime and manga.


kanji for shining
  • Readings: TERU, KI, KAGAYA-KU
  • Meanings: shining, glittering, bright
  • For Names: Popular

A Kanji symbol for shining light. It reminds us of powerful and bright light. The left part means light, and the left part describes the light spreading over a wide area. It’s a popular character, especially for boys’ names.

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