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PATIENCE in Japanese kanji symbol & Free Download!

patience written in japanese kanji lettersPositive

All about PATIENCE in Japanese!

nintai written in japanese kanji letters, meaning patience

Patience says NINTAI in Japanese.


We have several words that represent “patience”, but this is the most common one.


The word consists of two kanji symbol. Here’s the meanings of each kanji letter.

NIN = endure, ninja, miss someone

TAI = endure, withstand, resist

Both letters have the meaning of “endure” and that makes “patience”.


In Japan, being patient has been considered virtue and it doesn’t have a negative impression.

If you want to use this word for your designs or tattoo, I recommend using the NIN symbol alone because it looks cooker and more artistic.

nin written in japanese kanji symbol, meaning patience and ninja

The NIN stands for ninja and it’s a very Japan-ish character. It gives modest and mature impressions and sometimes used for Japanese first names.

How about TAI?


The TAI symbol doesn’t have an artistic impression. This one is used for daily life things. And we don’t use it for a person’s name.


As for the NIN symbol, the top part of the character stands for “edge of a sword” and the bottom one does “heart”.

Why the sword is related to “patience”


You need to be patient to forge a sword, right? You have to repeatedly hit the iron many times. That’s why the symbol got to mean “patience”.

The second symbol TAI also has the meaning of “endure”. The left part pictures “soft beard” and the right one does “hand”.

Huh? Beard and hand? It doesn’t make any sense.


I agree. The origin of this symbol is a bit complicated. It tries to say “endure something bad flexibly like a soft beard” 😅

Free download

You can download the kanji data with transparent PNG format. Each letter is made in 1000px X 1000px. Available for any purposes and no link or credit is needed. Feel free to take it!


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