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Welcome! I’ve been waiting for you, a legendary hero.

Are you looking for cool Japanese magic spells? If so, congratulations! You’ve finally reached the right place.

Do you know there are two types of kanji words in this world?

It’s simple.

One is COOL, and the other is TACKY.

I’ve seen countless kanji phrases that make no sense, such as “kitchen”, “my day is hell”, “I’ll apologize”, “beautiful pig”, and more!

Wearing a t-shirt is still better, but it would be a tragedy if you use these weird phrases as your tattoo. 

Now that you’ve come here, you don’t need to worry. We line up kanji words with only deep and beautiful meanings. It’s promised you’ll be cool with our items!

Take your time, look around the store as much as you like, and meet your fateful phrase!

Choose One And Click! Spells For You Will Be Shown...

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Legendary Creatures


Japanese Mythology

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Caligrapphy & Pixel Fonts Get 2 For 1 Purchase!

Our items are 100% correct and cool Japanese words carefully selected by native Japanese creators.

They are perfect for your design work!

  • Tattoos
  • Home Decor
  • Hand Crafts
  • Graphic Designs
  • Printed Goods

Reasons For Choosing Us 100% Cool, 100% Accurate

All our items include 2 types of fonts. You can get different types of 2 fonts at 1 purchase!

One is cool and orthodox calligraphy font.

The other is NES-ish pixel font. This one is recommended for an ancient hero who loves Dragon Quest or EathBound series.

Select What You Want Search Your Words!