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Japanese Symbol for LOVE & Free Download

kanji that means love in japaneseKanji characters

All about LOVE Kanji in Japanese!

Love says AI in Japanese, and here’s the Kanji symbol for love.

How to read

  • AI
  • MANA
  • ITO-SHII (愛しい)
  • ME-DERU (愛でる)


love, love someone, admire something


The Kanji symbol for love gives cute, lovely, and feminine impressions. It’s very popular for girl names, and Ms. Aiko, the current royal princess of Japan has this character for her name.


This Kanji consists of three parts. The top part pictures a person who is looking back. The middle one with three dots stands for one’s heart, and the bottom one with crossed lines is for the legs. The whole symbol represents the feeling of someone who is looking back while walking.

Why does this shape mean “love”?


It’s said this person tries but can’t leave a place because they miss someone. So its mind waves and is looking back at the dear person. This feeling is meant to be LOVE.

Free download

Here’s the free PNG file of the Japanese love Kanji. You can use it for any purpose including commercial use. Feel free to download it!

Japanese Symbol for Love in PNG (26.0KB)

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