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Raven in Japanese kanji symbol by a native

kanji that means a raven Animal

All about RAVEN in Japanese!

Karasu written in kanji

Raven says KARASU in Japanese.

We have another kanji letter that means a raven, but this one gives cooler impression.

If you like it, you can download free PNG data at the end of this page. I'm a native Japanese and I guarantee you that every kanji letter is 100% accurate.

Hope it helps for your tattoo ideas and designs!

How to read



a raven, a crow, black color


A kanji character that gives cool and strong impression and frequently used for names of villains in mangas and video games.

Karasu of Toguro teams in Ghost Fighter (Yu Yu Hakusho) has this kanji as his name.

In a Japanese ancient myth, it’s said that a big raven appeared in front of an emperor at the time and showed him the way to the destination. This raven is called YATAGARASU.

In NARUTO, Uchiha Itachi uses ravens as a part of his ninja technique. Many of techniques of the Uchiha clan are derived from the Japanese myth and it’s conceivable that Itachi’s ravens also come from Yatagarasu.

Free download

You can download each kanji data of transparent PNG format, 1000px * 1000px. Available for any purpose and no link or no credit is needed. Feel free to take it!


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