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How to Write KIMONO in Japanese Kanji Letters

how to spell kimono in kanji lettersJapanese Language Learning

Here’s the spell of KIMONO in Japanese Kanji letters.

kimono written in japanese kanji letters

KI = wear, put on
MONO = stuff, object

In Kanji writing, the word Kimono stands for “something you wear”.

Then Kimono can mean all the clothes?


Well, that’s not. We use FUKU or YŌFUKU for general clothes. The word Kimono indicates only a Japanese traditional outfit.

Another way to say Kimono is WAFUKU.

wafuku, a japanese word written in japanese kanji letters meaning kimono

WA = Japan, Japanese
FUKU = clothes, outfit, costume

As the letters show, Wafuku is Japanese clothes, and that is equivalent to Kimono.

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