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Kirishima Eijiro’s name meaning in Japanese

Kirishima Eijiro written in kanjiMy Hero Academia

Kanji and meanings of Kirishima’s name

The meaning of Kirishima’s name is sharp in one word. Some characters in his name reflects his quirk. Let’s see what it is!


Kiri written in kanji

KIRI means to cut. The left part of the character stands for a cross shaped scar. The right one does a sword.


Shima written in kanji

SHIMA is an island. This is one of the most common kanji used for Japanese family names.

The family name KIRISHIMA itself is not so much rare, but we seldom see the one that includes KIRI of “cut”. There are only 90 people in Japan who has this type of Kirishima.


Ei written in kanji

This kanji means sharp and keen.


Ji written in kanji

JI means a kid. This letter is used mainly for express the sound, not for the meaning.


RO means a boy and has been traditionally used for boy names. For example, Tanjiro in Demon Slayer also uses this RO in his first name.

Now you’ve learned that EIJIRO means a shapr boy or a keen boy in Japanese. Though the sound is common, we don’t usually use this “sharp” kanji for one’s first name and choose other letters for EI sound. Therefore Eijiro’s name seems a bit manga-ish when we see it in kanji.

His family name means “cut” and first name does “sharp”. It represents the feature of his quirk “hardening” well!

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