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What’s the Meaning of KOCHO SHINOBU in Japanese?

Kocho Shinobu written in kanji and JapaneseDemon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba

Hi, it’s Junko from Japan. In this post, I’ll explain the meaning of Kocho Shinobu in Demon Slayer. You’ll learn what her full name means in Japanese!


Shinobu written in Japanese hiragana

SHINOBU = miss someone, endure, hide oneself

Kocho Shinobu’s first name is written in Hiragana, not in Kanji characters. So the word SHINOBU can be understood in several ways since Hiragana letters don’t have meanings and just represents the sound like the alphabets.

The phrase SHINOBU means “recollect or miss someone” or “endure.” When used in the “miss” meaning, it reminds us of Kocho Kanae, an elder sister of Shinobu. When used in the “endure” meaning, it may represent her life. She’s endured the anger and sadness. Also, the word SHINOBU is the origin of the word SHINOBI, meaning Ninja.

It may not sound a positive name, but the name Shinobu has been popular in Japan. I think that’s because this name gives elegant and modest impressions.


Kocho written in kanji

KO = antenna
CHO = butterfly

KOCHO is a classical way of saying a butterfly. The first letter stands for antenna. The second one reads CHO and means a butterfly 🦋 It gives beautiful and somehow mysterious impressions. I think this name is perfectly suitable for Kocho Shinobu’s character.

What is Kocho’s dream?

As for the word Kocho, there’s a famous Chinese story called “Kocho no Yume”, which means a dream of a butterfly.

A Chinese scholar Soshi dreamed of a dream in which he became a butterfly. When he awoke, he wondered if he had dreamt a butterfly dream or his true being was a butterfly and he was in a dream the butterfly was dreaming.

Which is the dream and which is the reality? That’s not a problem. An important thing is not to discuss, but to accept what is in front of you. This is Sochi’s thinking and what he tried to teach through the story.

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