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Demon Slayer Kocho Shinobu prize figure by BANPRESTO


Demon Slayer Kanroji Mitsuri’s figure by BANPRESTO. It’s a prize figure and not for sale.

The release date is July 1, 2021, and some shops are accepting pre-order!

Where can I get it?

Here’s the list of shops with international shipping!

Amazon US $34.99~



eBay $20.56~

Which shop is the best for me?

It’s a prize figure and the price and the stock fluctuate. I recommend Amazon to get it for sure at the cheaper price.

Check more pictures and price

eBay has several sellers who put on the Shinobu figure, but the price varies and they are around $50.00 on average. The lowest price was $20.56, but the stock is limited and it depends on your luck if you can meet it.

Check more pictures and price

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