DR.STONE Kohaku’s name in Japanese and meaning
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DR.STONE Kohaku’s name in Japanese and meaning

kohaku written in katakanaDr.STONE

Every member in Ishigami village has the name of mineral ore. Kohaku is one of them.

KOHAKU is amber in Japanese.

We have kanji letters for amber, but Kohaku’s name in DR.STONE is written in katakana, not kanji. That’s the same as other villagers of Ishigami village.

Katakana is used mainly for foreign words and it doesn’t have particular meanings like kanji. The names of Ishigami village villagers are all written in katakana. I think it’s to distinguish the birth age of the characters.

What kind of stone is amber?

Amber has been believed to be a kind of mineral until the 18th century, but as you know, it’s a fossil of tree resin. It’s loved as a jewel all over the world.

As a gemstone, amber is said to have a power to enhance one’s energy. Ancient Greek people thought amber the essence of the sunlight. I think these images suit her powerful and bright character🌞

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